Errant Editions on Kindle Store. Hotel Gregory.Zurich. Room 401. The Passion Project goes on.

It is night, in the room 401. Again, you and me: our bodies our tastes, my passionate smiles reflected in your beautiful eyes.
Two solitudes together, or the great love of flesh and spirit in which I believed?
In the bedroom, one small hotel room, again, we are naked, real, pulsed with desire.
Hotel Gregory, Zurich, “red area”.
You came. I didn’t expect that. You have watched me from the doorway, when I opened, I kissed you with despair and need. Your body is my home. It will always be,
My mouth was orphans of your tongue, my mouth was an orphan of your taste.
Again, you and me. Do you remember? It began in november. An intense caress and, after, only very deep kisses.
What a beautiful memory!
From the beginning, hotel rooms have been our altar.
From the beginning, hotel rooms have given us a secret shelter for our love, a clandestine, wrong, necessary love: this abyss of pleasure and pain.
Hotel rooms, the place of our private celebration.
I am a well known erotic writer in Italy, you know, you liked that.
I didn’t want to write about us.It was not my idea.
There is my tru life inside this ebook. A great part in one quick frame. The last one.
A story of total surrender, that had to be told.
The story of an absolute desire lived afternoons and nights closed in some hotel rooms, in Zurich: the story of my fear of losing you.
The events told here are the last act of a relationship based on beauty, submission, domination, fever, madness, extreme sex, need, pain, true love.
A depressing malaise, without hope?
A miracle, a wound, a party, a cut, a necessary caress. Our story, in any case.
We have really lived all of this. It is a luck or a damnation to be still alive?
A passion without escape, without remedy.
Zurich, Room 401: The room of farewell
(Cover image kindly donated by the artist” Motel Ultra” Stefano Giacomini)

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Part of the Passion Project




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