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‘Ode From A Nightingale’, is a superb collection of some of the finest poems, engaging from the very start and powerfully throughout. A beautifully captivating blend of life, love and passion, which resonates both mind and soul, like a haunting melody. A truly gifted writer, Federica has the natural ability to effortlessly connect with the reader. Her poems capture life and love eloquently, touching the deepest depths of the souls yearning. Where we find ourselves immersed within the realms of passion, joy, anguish and despair with the perfect blend of vivid imagery. Her unique way of expressing her experiences of life make the collection an eloquent tapestry, of almost – hypnotic words, reaching the reader on different levels, both fundamentally and spiritually. A truly wonderful collection of superbly crafted poems. A collection that one will be enthralled by from the very start and, undoubtedly, return to again and again.”

Lisa Stewart, editor Decanto Poetry magazine in her introductions.

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