Alice in wonderland illustrated edition with hypertexts. Edited by Paul Hessel


“It is one of the strangest books that I have ever read. After the first couple of chapters I decided that I just needed to relax and stop questioning everything that I was reading. Once I had done this I began to enjoy Carroll’s extremely curious tale, however I am still a little concerned about where some of his ideas came from. I’m sure that most of you know that Alice falls down a rabbit hole after pursuing a large white rabbit who she hears muttering to himself about being very late. She finds herself in a bizarre new world of Mad Hatters, March Hares and Cheshire Cats. The Queen of Hearts provides the danger with her constant orders to chop off people’s heads. Lewis Carroll uses language in a very beautiful and eccentric manner and this is probably what I enjoyed most about the book.”Dot Scribbles ( With beautiful images, links and videos.

Fascinating ebook that inaugurates the Fairy-Tale Project

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