Joyce Project.A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The most interesting things to look at, in Portrait of an Artist, are the moments that catalyze Stephen Dedalus (largely Joyce’s autobiographical stand-in) in his transformation from child to artist. In five chapters, we’re taken through Stephen’s early childhood in Ireland and confinement at boarding school, his dalliances with theater and hiring prostitutes, his retreat from sensory excess into religious devotion, his retreat from religious devotion into aesthetic, ascetic excess, and, ultimately, his retreat from Ireland and fellowship in favor of destiny.( This novel, had a “huge influence on novelists across the world”,and was ranked by Modern Library as the third greatest English-language novel of the 20th century. This is an illustrated editions with images, links and critical appendix edited by Paul Hessel. Our Joyc Project is going on.

download here


Magnificent: Carmelo Bene about James Joyce, language, value. ( in Italian)



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