A ottobre, qui

self pubUn evento importantissimo, per osservare tutto quello che sta cambiando, per confrontarsi, provare a comprendere, accettare sfide. Qui, a ottobre


Self Publishing is a worldwide revolution, changing the rules of the global Publishing Industry. And we couldn’t imagine a real festival without involving authors and people from all over the world.

#ISPF2013 is Self Publishing
The Self Publishing movement is a chance for the Renaissance of the Publishing Industry in the Internet Age. This is why the event’s open and free not only for authors who already are or would-be self-publishers, but even for publishing professionals.

#ISPF2013 is a Festival
It’s not another boring formal conference “about” self publishing. It’s the Self Publishing movement celebrating itself in a smart way: performances from the stage, deals to discuss with professionals at their (free) stall, readings to give from the Speakers’ Corner, self-produced music and self-produced wine, beer and food.



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