Fragments and Shards 2

cover english erotic notes


“ are in my mind, in my belly and in all my white pages”

Emotions and turbulences. A famous writer and her short notes, fragments, small novels, past and future shards of love, sex, S&M,  tenderness. A journey in time and space, lived in the body, with the background of  urban spaces and cities, such as Milan, Paris or  Zurich.

Erotic Notes ,shards of impressions, thoughts and feelings that fly in the ether. Contemporary poetry of emotions lived powerfully on the skin, described through the  special sensibility of Francesca Mazzucato.
Francesca Mazzucato wrote many novels and short stories  contained in important anthologies as “La dolce vita. Contemporary Italiana erotica by women”, edited by Maxim Jakubowski, Running Press 2013
“Fragments and Shards 2 ” is revised and updated 2014, and is part of Errant Editions Passion Project



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