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Some of the most important poems of Eliot in an edition enriched by links. Edited by Paul Hessel who is responsible of Eliot Project and  is working on an important essay on the poet’s whole work, which will soon be published by Errant Editions. ( translated in three languages)

With a videoreading of Eliot from Four Quartets

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The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, commonly known as Prufrock, is a poem by T. S. Eliot, begun in February 1910 and published in June 1915. Considered a sort of a “drama of literary anguish,” very actual and interesting,  it is written in the form of a stream of consciousness and is the beginning of Eliot’s career as an influential poet. Here,is presented  with original images and video link. Another fragment of our  Eliot Project, edited by Paul Hessel.

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The Waste Land in its complete version with original notes, images, videocontributions. Edited by G.A, Francesca Mazzucato and Coralie Besse this is an original way of proposing this masterpiece and an important fragment of our Eliot Project. Other critical contributions, new translations, mash-up, new ebooks will appear soon. This is also our first ebook of 2012 and it is, for us and we hope for you too, a good way to start. You can download The Waste Land “errant version”   here

La versione integrale di The Waste Land di Eliot, presentata insieme alle note originali, a immagini interessanti, notizie biografiche e a link a contributi video. L’editng dell’ebook è a cura di G.A, Francesca Mazzucato e Coralie Bess. Errant Editions ha iniziato da tempo un “EliotProject” di cui questo ebook costituisce un tassello importante. Seguiranno, mash-up, contributi critici, nuove traduzioni che sono già in lavorazione, e altro. Questo testo che vi proponiamo è anche la nostra prima uscita del 2012. Ci sembra un ottimo modo per cominciare l’anno, e speriamo che sia gradito anche da voi

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