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cover twainWe go  on  with our Fairy Tale Project.

This eBook is edited by Paul Hessel, who writes:
“This text is part of the Fairy Tale tale Project, by Errant Editions. We immediately felt the need to dedicate one of our projects to fairy tales These are texts in in public domain for the most part (there will also be some original fairy tale, there will be time to introduce, explaine and propose them), texts enhanced by an appendix consisting of links, videos, pictures or short essays about the author or the importance of the fairy tale. The tale is a fundamental reference in our project as international digital publisher. because of its ambivalence (fairy tales are for children but also for adults and convey messages related to moral anthropology, the customs of an era). To our project, which we consider a just starting work in progress we have also dedicated a board on our Pinterest”

You can download it here


“Jacob’s Room was published in 1922, Woolf’s third novel.  Jacob is usually thought to represent Woolf’s brother, Thoby, who died at the age of 25 in 1906.  The story follows Jacob from his childhood in Cornwall through his education at Cambridge, his life in London, a trip to Greece, and finally his death in World War I. Betty Flanders, his mother, is a widow. Jacob’s brother, Archer, will also fight in the war. Other characters are the Reverend Andrew Floyd, who proposes to Betty and is turned down. Captain Barfoot, a man with a disabled wife, is a friend and frequent visitor of Betty’s. At Cambridge, Timothy Durrant is a friend; his sister, Clara, is an ongoing character who is attracted to Jacob, but the relationship never develops. Richard Bonamy is a Cambridge friend who becomes a closer friend in London. Florinda is a loose and sexy interlude. Nick Branham is an artist who introduces Jacob to his model, Fanny Elmer, who falls in love with him. Jacob visits friends in Paris, then goes on to Greece where he falls in love with a married woman, Sandra Wentworth Williams. In the last chapter, Richard and Betty are in Jacob’s room, going through his things; thus we know that Jacob is dead.  Many critics have noted that Jacob seems to move like a ghost through the book, that the emphasis is on the impossibility of knowing anyone. At the last, we may feel that even though we know the sequence and some moment by moment events of Jacob’s life, we never know him — we see his life as if the moments had already evaporated — as if he were already dead.” ( From this site )

Special editions with appendix of vintage covers and images. Edited by Paul Hessel and Francesca Mazzucato+

download  here

The Waste Land in its complete version with original notes, images, videocontributions. Edited by G.A, Francesca Mazzucato and Coralie Besse this is an original way of proposing this masterpiece and an important fragment of our Eliot Project. Other critical contributions, new translations, mash-up, new ebooks will appear soon. This is also our first ebook of 2012 and it is, for us and we hope for you too, a good way to start. You can download The Waste Land “errant version”   here

La versione integrale di The Waste Land di Eliot, presentata insieme alle note originali, a immagini interessanti, notizie biografiche e a link a contributi video. L’editng dell’ebook è a cura di G.A, Francesca Mazzucato e Coralie Bess. Errant Editions ha iniziato da tempo un “EliotProject” di cui questo ebook costituisce un tassello importante. Seguiranno, mash-up, contributi critici, nuove traduzioni che sono già in lavorazione, e altro. Questo testo che vi proponiamo è anche la nostra prima uscita del 2012. Ci sembra un ottimo modo per cominciare l’anno, e speriamo che sia gradito anche da voi

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Michele Sottile 2010 La terra destolata -The waste land

A true classic. Offered by Errant Editions with an appendix of selected photos, it is the second piece of the mosaic that will become, at the end, the JoyceProject. Edited by Paul Hessel (co-founder of Errant Editions Small digital publisher, preparing an essay on James Joyce and his year in Zurich)

Download here

James Joyce in Paris, 1920. From Footagefile

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